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Hevajra Mandala. Tibet. 1600s.

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Frank Hallam Day - Ship Hulls (published 2011)

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Let the fire burn and spread


Barbara Bui Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015

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Frederick Hammersley featured in the Santa Barbara Independent. The review is especially poignant given Hammersley’s close connection to the city of Santa Barbara, having first shown this particular body of work (currently on view at L.A. Louver) at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art in 1965. Here’s a short excerpt of the article:

These unusual “cut-up” paintings and the “Organics” series which served as their source material are the subject of a fascinating and powerful exhibit now on view at LA LOUVER Gallery in Venice Beach through October 18. LA LOUVER has done a magnificent job of researching and documenting Hammersley’s multifaceted career, and, as more becomes known about the specifics of his process, it seems likely that Hammersley will assume a commanding position as one of the most prescient and durable figures in the history of modernism.

Click here to read the complete write-up.

Frederick Hammersley: Organics and Cut-ups, 1963-1965 will be on view at L.A. Louver through October 18.

IMAGE: Frederick Hammersley, Agnes, #9c 1965, oil on chipboard panel, 29 1/4 x 24 1/4  in. (74.3 x 61.6 cm)

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flecked aventurine glass

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Tropic Percussion

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